Singapore's First Plug-and-Play Micro Farm

The Aējou GrowFridge™

Singapore’s first plug-and-play smart micro farm designed like a kitchen appliance to grow your very own herbs and vegetables in the comforts of your home – designed and built perfectly around your life.


on-demand. fresher. cleaner. variety. sustainably. your own.

Full Spectrum LED Lights

that mimic the spectrum of sunlight.

Climate Controlled

so that you can grow wherever, whenever.

Soft-Closing Trays

for ergonomical harvesting and that touch of luxury.

Food-Grade Stainless Steel

Recyclable, Clinical, Hygienic.

Integrated Water Tank

so you don't have to do the watering.

High Quality Seeds

so you know you are growing the best.


on-demand. fresher. cleaner. variety. sustainably. your own.

Are you ready for the future? Pre-order the GrowFridge now and secure your peace of mind.

From S$1,899.  Delivery Summer 2022.

Are you ready for the future? Pre-order the GrowFridge now and secure your peace of mind.

From S$1,899.  Delivery Summer 2022.

Farming with the swipe of a finger.

Stay up-to-date with plant progress, light, water and nutrient dosing cycles, temperature and much more with the Aejou App.  Smart notifications keep you informed about how your plants are doing in real-time.

Download the App for free and start growing with the GrowFridge virtually anywhere.

How Does
It Work?

6 simple steps to growing over 60 varieties of delicious and healthy microgreens, leafy greens and herbs.


Plug the GrowFridge into any regular home power outlet and fill up the water tank to begin!


Connect to WiFi and access our proprietary cloud-based grow recipes.

Pop 'em In

Insert seed punnet into the GrowFridge and click 'Start!' in the App.

Grow, Baby, Grow

Sit back, watch and wait 2-4 weeks as the seeds germinate and grow.

Real-Time Updates

Check in on the crops anytime, anywhere with the Aejou App.


Get notified when the vegetables are ready and enjoy freshly-harvested greens all year round!

Skip the queues.

Grow up to 48 microgreens, leafy greens and herbs at a time in the GrowFridge.

"By nurturing our passion for healthy living and deep knowledge of urban farming technology, we provide households, businesses and communities with well-designed, affordable and effective means to grow the freshest, most nutritious greens all-year-round."​

Eva, Darren & Andrew – Founders of Aejou

Are you ready for the future? Pre-order your GrowFridge now and secure your peace of mind.

From S$1,899.  Delivery Summer 2022.

Secure your future.

Pre-order the GrowFridge now.

From S$1,899.  Delivery Summer 2022.

Technical Specifications


90cm H x 60cm W x 60cm D


approx. 45 kg


2.4 GHz


2 years

Manufactured In


Grow Area

~ 0.48 sqm for 48 plants

Grow Height

20 cm

Power Rating

450 W


Full Spectrum LED Horticultural Lights

Water Tank

Integrated 15 litres


The Aejou GrowFridge is a smart, IoT-enabled micro farm that is designed to grow a wide variety of microgreens, leafy greens and herbs.  When connected to the internet and the App, the GrowFridge retrieves our proprietary grow recipes from the cloud and translates them into instructions in the Aejou to adjust the light intensity and watering cycles based on what type of seeds have been placed inside.  There is little to no user intervention required for your greens to go from seed to harvest in the GrowFridge.

None at all. The fully automated system does all the work for you. All you have to do is harvest your chosen crops when they are ready!

Very little! All that is needed is a regular power outlet and a stable internet connection.  Control the GrowFridge through the Aejou App and pop in our seed punnets to get started.  Our smart micro farms do all the growing for you so that you do not have to!

With its compact size (60cm W x 60 cm D x 90cm H) and beautiful aesthetics, the GrowFridge was designed to fit seamless into any room or home.  Since the GrowFridge manages the temperature, watering and lighting for optimal plant growth, it can even be located in a shaded spot without any light.

The GrowFridge costs S$2,499 on its own, S$2,099 with a 6-month subscription to our Seed Service at S$120/month and S$1,899 with a 12-month subscription to our Seed Service at S$100/month.  We recommend purchasing the GrowFridge with a Seed Service to enjoy greater savings!

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